About us.

Four out of the ten owners of the properties of Noble Places have Ph.D.'s and have taught at universities. We here at Noble Places highly value integrity and trustworthiness. We believe we are responsible for what we do and we want to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. We own apartments not only for investment purposes, but also to provide pleasant living environments for others. We do our best to respond to tenants' needs and wish to keep long-term relationships of mutual trust with tenants and managers.

Charity deeds.

One owner sacrificially donated his and his wife's savings to build classrooms and dormitories for the elementary school students in three poor areas of China. This owner lives a frugal life but gives generously to the poor. Another owner donated money to buy medical vans for eye doctors to perform free surgeries for the poor in China. Some owners have also worked voluntarily without pay for non-profit organizations for over ten years.

School built through the donation of a Noble Places owner