Recycling Information

Statistics show that Seattle residents can still reduce garbage by at least 25% by recycling more. It would be a good habit to put a paper bag next to your desk to recycle scratch paper, cereal boxes, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, or any other non-food-stained paper items. Please put recyclables in a paper bag rather than a plastic one. However, there is one exception for plastic bags: you may put all of your unwanted plastic bags into one plastic bag and recycle it.

Styrofoam is not recyclable. It should go in the trash can or. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap can be recycled at pack-and-ship stores.

Let's do our best to recycle and save the earth from serious pollution, and to help save tax dollars that would otherwise go to cleaning up garbage. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note about holding deposit: In consideration of the landlord's holding of this apartment for the tenant, the tenant waives all rights to the return of the holding deposit in the event that he/she does not choose to enter into the rental/lease agreement.