Tenant's review and feedback

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Chalet Apartment
"The apartment at Chalet was practical, affordable and convenient for our short term stay. The owners of Chalet apartments are conscientious and responsive. They quickly addressed and solved any concerns (such as when the heat stopped working - they took care of it in less than 6 hours)." --Danielle E.
"Thank you very much, I enjoyed my time in your unit, you are good landlord!" --Lisa M.
"Thank you for lending me your jacket and show us around when we get here at the first time, and it is a pleasure to live in your apartment." --Djuana W.
"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the friendliness, helpfulness, and expediency provided to my family while renting an apartment for my daughter and her friend at The Chalet. The manager was very gracious and made me feel confident that my daughter will be in good hands. Thank you!" --Judy A.
Golden Pines
"I would say [Golden Pines] is inexpensive and easy access to UW, highway and lots of places in Wallingford to eat and shop." --Jamie S.
"The Golden Pines were a perfect apartment for me as a student. I could just as easily walk to UW as I could to Wallingford and even Gas Works park. It was a great experience." --Josh W.
"I lived at the Golden Pines for four years while I was in graduate school at UW. The apartment was a large, open, functional space, and it was in the perfect location! I could walk to campus as well as to restaurants, bars, and even grocery stores. The building is located on two major bus lines, so it was possible to get lots of places without a car. Also, with reasonable rent and with utilities and wi-fi included it was very affordable for me. I very much enjoyed living here!" --Kristie F.
"I have very much enjoyed living in Golden Pines. From door to door it was a 20 minute walk to the building I did my graduate research in on campus. The complex is quiet with courteous neighbors and the landlord is kind and honest. I appreciated being able to rent an off-street parking spot and there was plenty of storage in my 1-bedroom apartment. My cats loved the courtyard and made friends with all the neighbors. The three and a half years I spent living there were in my favorite apartment in Seattle. The Wallingford QFC is less than a 10-minute walk away, and the University District Farmer's Market is about a 15 minute walk away. It was a good value and location and I highly recommend living here." - Valerie V.
"Golden Pines was in a really convenient location. It was really easy for me to commute by bus to work in the International District, as well as for my roommate to walk to UW. The internet was very reliable, the place was affordable, and maintenance was timely. The building is a bit old, but still in good condition. Our unit didn't get much light, but was really nice and cool in the summertime. Even though the location was very central and near I-5 and 45th, the apartments were set off from the street, creating a nice, quieter, closed-off feel. I enjoyed living here and recommend it to others! Thanks!" - Shu F.
Noble Plaza
"Like I said before, I will always recommend Noble Places. You guys were pretty good to me, and I think you run an honest and decent business." --Lindsay D.
"[Noble Plaza's] location is very convenient. It is just a few blocks from campus and restaurants/shops. Parking is a bit difficult [ed: unless you purchase a parking space] but possible. Other tenants are quiet (great place to study!). The rent is reasonably priced compared to other university district apartments. Any maintenance problems were handled almost immediately. Overall, it was a pleasant place to reside." --Ashley B.
"As a visiting scholar, I'm very lucky to rent such a convenient and quiet apartment. Lee & Lee Apartment is very near to UW campus and Seattle public library. At the same time, it is very quiet. It is not necessary to worry about the sudden midnight noises. Most of all, the kind and empathetic landlady made a strong impression on me. I am grateful to her for being so good and helpful to me." --Manjiao Y.
"Hello, my name's Rob, and I lived at the Noble Plaza for three years. It's a great place to be. I could talk to neighbors when I wanted, and have alone time when I wanted that. The area's really safe, and in a perfect location. We are certainly very close the University of Washington's main campus, and in walking distance of many amenities. The Noble Plaza is surrounded by major mass transit lines; and by bus, car, or bike, numerous neighborhoods and attractions are easy to get to. I've been happy to meet the people at the apartments and am grateful to have been able to live at the Noble Plaza. Noble Plaza, baby! Represent!" --Rob C.
"This was a great apt. The landlords are responsible yet do not bother tenants, in fact I rarely had any reason to see them or speak of issues, so I did not see them much at all (which is a good sign). Lots of space in the apt. and I had no neighborly complaints. Good for college student or young person. I would recommend living here." --Donnie S.
"I liked the layout of my apartment, enjoyed the nice size of the kitchen, and it felt very cozy. In addition, it was convenient because it was so close to campus." --Kyle R.
"The management at Noble Plaza apartments was the best I have experienced as a tenant. The building manager was friendly and helped me immediately anytime I had a problem, even if it wasn't even related to my apartment. I would definitely recommend Noble Plaza to any of my friends." --David C.
"Thank you so much for your kindness--we are very happy in Noble Plaza Apt." --Pattaporn P.
"Due to your kindness and assistance, I could live a peaceful and enjoyable life at Noble Plaza Apartments. I hope that I will meet you when I visit Seattle again in the future." - Yoshimochi T.
"I had a quiet and comfortable period of life in this complex. I lived in a furnished apartment and it saved me a lot of trouble and I can settle down very quickly to my study and life. The first day I moved into the apartment the landlady prepared new sofa and new quilt cover and pillows and everything is clean and neat. The location is perfect and it is convenient to go almost anywhere by bus and if you walk to UW it is less than 10 minutes. Therefore you have a lot of chances to take part in the activities on or near the campus. It is very good for those foreign students or scholars who don't own a car but [have] a kid....You can conveniently take the kid to some activities in the evening. The mananger is such a nice person and helped me a lot. The neighbours were also very friendly and they helped me with great patience. The free WI-FI worked very well in my room and I could surf online quickly, contacting friends and family. I had a happy life there. I will miss there and Seattle." --Hong W.
Matterhorn Apartment
"One of the things that we really like about Matterhorn apartments is the location. It is close to UW, I-5, 520, and Magnusson Park. We also like the view and the south-facing big windows. On clear days, you can see Ranier from our apartment." --Sara G.
"My family lived in Matterhorn around 2 years, and very enjoyed staying there. The location is pretty convenient to live there (bus stop 65, 71, and 76, close to UW, good elementary school and middle school, I-5, store mart and public park). The price is reasonable, and landlord is easy to communicate with. Any maintenance problems were handled almost immediately. Overall, it was a pleasant place to live. It is good place for UW student, postdoc and visiting scholar. Especially if you have kids going to school." --Y. Li
Noble Court
"The Noble Courts apartments near Greenlake is a fantastic place to live. Not only is it an inexpensive abode in an area that is becoming more plush and overrun with condominiums, but it is also near all the conveniences that a Seattle-ite demands. Coffee is right around the corner, Whole Foods is a 10 minute walk away, cozy pubs are right next door, easy access to Downtown and U-District buses. and of course there is Greenlake right outside your door. Perfect for summer activities, cozy and warm in the winter, the Noble Court apartment certainly provides affordable living in the increasingly expensive city. I enjoyed my stay and where it not for the pull of another city, would certainly still be living in this splendid area." --Kelsey A.
"I enjoyed living at the Greenlake Apartments. Although small, the apartment has a good feel to it, and with the right attitude, feels like a home. The owner and site-manager were always responsive to my needs and dealt with my problems in a very professional manner." --Evan J.
"For the past 4 years, I have been honored to call the E. Green Lake Apartments my home. My quaint little apartment has been perfect for me and very peaceful. My apartment is very quiet and the other tenants are very respectful. I have always felt safe living here. Having the fire department across the street helps! The location definitely cannot be beat! This is really a little community of its own. The lake is a block away, the library, Starbucks, grocery stores and many restaurants are all in walking distance. Also, during the summer, people are out barbecuing, having coffee across the street and the feel of happiness radiates through the air. Having a dry cleaners next door is great too! And the owner is so reliable and can always be reached via email or on her cell. It's very comforting to know you can reach her whenever you need to. She and the manager, work together to resolve any issues that arise as quickly as possible. You get the feeling like they really care. I will miss my home but look forward to married life! I hope that someone else enjoys these apartments and neighborhood as much as I have! It's an amazing find!" --Ani M.
"This complex is a great value! You absolutely can't beat the location. Easy bus access to downtown and the university district with almost everything you could need (groceries, restaurants, coffee shops, library) within walking distance. Life at the lake is great!" --Cecilia C.
"I have really enjoyed living here and really appreciate how attentive you have been to me and the requests I've made related to my apartment. Thanks for everything!" --Erin T.
"Again, thanks for your support and help in every way. Should I come back to Seattle and require accommodation, you will be the first person I contact." --Linda S.
Noble House
"When I found Noble House I felt instant recognition that this was home. My place there was like a friend, and I would say hello and goodbye to it in my comings and goings. Even now, after a happy move to Canada, I can close my eyes and remember all the details of Noble House -- its sheltered entry down from the street, the high bird's nest view from the back deck, and the lovely proportions of a space that I could pull around me like a comforting shawl. All this in a neighborhood that is central to many kinds of services -- the UW, the Ave, University Village -- and at the same time is full of trees and birds. I was also grateful to experience an ideal landlord, who behaved with clarity, integrity, a sense of community, stewardship of property, and empathy for her tenants. Very fortunate are those who live in Noble House." --Jody A.
"For me, living at Noble House was the perfect compromise between having roommates or living in a completely isolated apartment. Although all suites are utterly independent, I always felt as though I was surrounded by community and friends. not only is the layout of this home perfect for socializing with others in it, but even the people in neighboring apartments seemed very community oriented. I thoroughly enjoyed this community oriented home, knowing that at any time doors could be closed for complete privacy. I also enjoyed the serenity of the Noble House setting, a lush, quiet green space in the heart of the university district. Perfect for animals (pets) and humans too! A great space to get away from the hustle and bustle in the surrounding areas. But still in the heart of it all. Excellent lighting, quaint suites in a character home, with a great deck in the tree canopy for all to enjoy. Great for artists, or those with artistic appreciations. All conscientiously cared for by responsive and community minded landlady. Really, the best of all worlds." --Larissa R.
Ravenna Woods
"I lived one and half year in Ravenna Woods and this the best location around the university, because you are close to everything, you can walk or bike (there the burke gilmore trail) to go shopping at the u-village and go the university, or on university way to the bars and restaurants. There is close but far enough, then the area around apartments building is quite. My one bedroom apartment was quite big and well maintained with plenty of cabinets, and you have all the appliances in apartment. If you would have to move again in Seattle, I [would] check first the ravennawoods and nobleplace apartments to see if there is availability." --Y.L.
"Ravenna Woods was a great place to live during my graduate studies at UW. It was quiet enough that I could study at home any time of the day. Also, I could get to campus, Husky Stadium, U-Village, or the Burke Gilman trail in a matter of minutes without having to get in my car. I highly recommend Ravenna Woods for UW students." --Michael G.
"Thanks so much, I have really appreciated the last 4 years at Ravenna Woods. It is a restful haven in the heart of the city." --Tom L.
"I am so happy to have found such a wonderful place to live for the past 4 years." --Tom R.
"Thank you for the beautiful accommodation in Seattle!" - Vlado P.
University Regency
"The University Regency was a great place to live and very well priced. It is centrally located making it easy to get the schools, buses, banks and post offices. The management is excellent and very responsive to any apartment issues. Plus all residence I encountered were very friendly." --Janelle J.
"The University Regency provided a comfortable, affordable place to live in Seattle. The maintenance and upkeep of the building was in good order and the staff was friendly. I would recommend the U Regency to others looking for a convenient apartment location in Seattle." --Raleigh Z.
"I really loved living in University Regency. First of all, its convenient location made everyday life easy. The apartment itself had a lot of strage rooms and a good size of walk-in closet. The most favorite part of the apartment was the kitchen. I really liked the counter space. I could put many kitchen items, but there were still lots of space for me to cook. University Regency is the best apartment I've ever lived in Seattle." --Etsuko K.
"With regard to [University Regency], the location is perfect. There are many bus stops and bus lines around here. It's really convenient since I don't have a car. Also, there are many shops, restaurants, and cafes. The kitchen is also good. It's so big that I could cook easily." --Shuji T.
"I loved to live in University Regency. The rent was reasonable and the location was very convenient, just one block from University Way. The building is an old but clean and well maintained. My maintenance requests were always completed quickly and the work was done well." --Takayo K.
"My 4-year stay at the University Regency was very enjoyable. The landlord, manager, and maintenance man were all pleasant and responsive to my needs as a tenant. The location of the Regency is phenomenal: two blocks away from the University of Washington, two blocks away from the grocery store, one block away from dining and night life on University Way, and central to practically any bus stop you might need to get around Seattle. If you are looking for an apartment with affordable rent and an extremely convenient location, the University Regency is the place for you." --Joseph S.
"I have lived in five different buildings in Seattle, and the University Regency is by far the best deal in terms of the size and cost of the apartments. My apartment had a huge kitchen, big enough for a kitchen table, and also had more counter space than I have ever had in an apartment. Additionally, the walk-in closet in my studio was really more like a bedroom: I was able to fit a queen-size bed in it, and it had a closet inside of it. The building is not brand new, but was still very clean and cared for very well. Finally, the both the owner and manager are very kind people who are willing to work with tenants to meet their needs. I was very sad to leave this apartment, and if I ever moved back to Seattle, I would try to get another apartment in this building." - Danielle M.
"I also want to thank you for providing me with a great experience at the UR these past 4 years or so." - Jenica R.
"[We] were very sorry to leave the University Regency, and we appreciated having found such a thoughtful landlady in you! We also realize now how lucky we were to find a quiet building-- our new apartment is not nearly so well insulated and quiet..." - Bronwen R.
Village House
"From my very first interaction [the landlady] had been very professional and yet warm and personal. The Village House near the University of Washington campus is an ideal place for serious students to live in. The house is located in a quite neighborhood within walking distance from the campus. It is minutes away from the University Village mall with grocery stores, resturants and a whole range of other stores. University Zoka cafe is just around the corner which provides students a conducive place to study till midnight. The house itself is quiet, clean and well maintained with free high speed wi fi. The roommates are mostly UW students who are serious students, while being warm and friendly at the same time. I highly recommend 'The Village House' for students and young professionals who want a nice affordable housing in the University District of Seattle." --Tapoja C.
"The Village House's close location to UW makes it very convenient for students. The rooms are clean and the house is well-maintained. It is an easy place to move to if you are new to the area." - Katrina L.
"I have great experience with Noble Places at Village House and Noble Plaza. The rental rate is competitive for what is offered. I would highly recommend to renters. Noble Places staff is very responsive and accommodating. If there is a problem, it would be resolved within 24 hours. The carpet was dirty, Gary had it cleaned the next day. The fridge was leaking water, Gary gave me a different one. The landlord honored the contract. I got my deposit fully refunded as soon as contract conditions are met, no extraneous charge! Great service at decent price. I expect nothing more." - Phuoc D.